Top ten episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So yes, my favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And those who mock that have obviously never watched it and seen how smart the writing is. At any rate, I've got the complete seven seasons on DVD, and I've been watching them. I decided to put together my top ten list of episodes. Now some were automatics (actually I came up with the first seven immediately), and then I looked to make sure I had at least one episode from each season represented. Here's what I came up with:

The Automatics: (not in any particular order)

  • The Zeppo (season 3). Xander defined in the entire Buffyverse. No one ever truly appreciated the strength he brought to the Scoobies. While they send him off to "be safe," Xander ends up saving everyone else--and they never know it.

  • The Body (season 5). Buffy finds her mom, Joyce, dead. It's great that she died of natural causes and not a monster--something Buffy could have controlled. What's really good? Anya's speech about Joyce and not understanding death.

  • Once More with Feeling (season 6). The musical episode. The best part is that it wasn't gimmicky; it actually advanced the story line as well. And I love the soundtrack.

  • Hush (season 4). Silent episode--actually nominated for an Emmy. The Gentlemen were just creepy. It was also the first episode where we saw Camden Toy, who played three different monsters on the show (the leader of the Gentlemen, Gnarl, and the Ubervamp).

  • Becoming, Part II (season 2 finale). Bad Angel--Angelus, Good Angelus--Angel. Buffy makes the hard choice. Buffy: "Close your eyes." Angel: "Buffy?!?"

  • Fool for Love (season 5). We see William the Bloody become Spike. He teaches Buffy how he killed two slayers (shout out to Robin Wood in season 7!). "You're beneath me."

  • Passion (season 2). Holy cow. We see for the first time how bad Angelus really can be. Death truly was his art. Not only does he take care of Jenny Calendar, but the whole set up with Giles is masterful.

The Final Three: (not immediate choices, but they round it out--again, no particular order)

  • The Wish (season 3). Anya is introduced. We see life in Sunnydale without Buffy. Nothing like the emotion of watching Buffy stake Xander to shake you up.

  • Prophecy Girl (season 1). Buffy takes on the Master. "I'm sixteen years old, Giles. I don't want to die."

  • Beneath You (season 7). Nice play on Fool for Love. Crazy Spike, reformed Spike. "Can we rest now, Buffy? Can we rest?"

At any rate, this is MY top ten. And if you have a problem with them being listed on this here blog, hey--it's RANDOM musings. I never said this was all about work.


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