AECT Conference

Well, here I am at AECT, and already I'm enjoying it. I must admit. I like "being a member of the club." When I was in graduate school, our department chair at Utah State was Don Smellie, a former president of AECT. He used to tell us, "You've got to be a member of the club. If you're not a member of the club, then it doesn't matter."Â

So I do like being a member of the club and the social aspect of this conference.

So far I've run into some people I've known for a while and it's been good to catch up. I had breakfast with David Merrill, chatted with Andy Gibbons and Don Descy, caught up with Brad Hokanson, Lauren Cifuentes and Jennifer Summerville, and I SAW Trey Martindale, but I haven't talked with him yet.

I plan on posting throughout the week.

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