A former student resurfaces

I've got to admit something: For as much grief as I give my students for being on Facebook all the time, it really is a great way to connect and reconnect. I require all my students to add me as friends, and I use it to contact them. It seems to me that they use it more than e-mail, and they are on it CONSTANTLY. Now I'm beginning to be on it constantly as well. I check it like I check my e-mail.

At any rate, today a former student resurfaced. Now I never taught him, but he was a student worker in our faculty develoment lab at BYU-Idaho. I remember him as being diligent, hard working, task-oriented, and just fun to be around. He asked good questions and wasn't afraid to look for answers on his own and he wasn't afraid to see himself as a learning peer to the faculty. I liked that. At any rate, today he found me on Facebook and we've been chatting. Go check Nic out at his blog: http://www.nicholascjohnson.com/blog/

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