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I remember last October giggling as I read Trey Martindale's blog post stating (follow the link to read the whole thing):
My friend John Curry reminded me that I’m not posting very often on my blog these days, and he’s right. It seems I’m taking a shorter route–kind of “mini-blogging”. Basically I’m just saving and tagging interesting net resources in my delicious bookmarks account. I now have over 1000 items in that account, and it’s been useful for me, and for students–sort of like my external long-term memory. So, if you would like to know what I’m reading about, investigating, or find interesting, that’s the place.

I thought that was funny because I started blogging after listening to Trey and Dave Wiley's presentation on blogs and wikis at AECT in 2005. I thought, "How can Trey go away from this to something else? Just posting stuff to isn't the same!"

Well, ten months later, and I find myself right where Trey was (is). I'm blogging less, but posting more to my account and the account for our EDTC 3123 course. Not only that, but I've been using my Google Reader account like crazy, and I've actually been reading more than I ever have been, and I'm starring a lot of different items.

So even though I'm doing more, I'm writing less. So what does that mean? Is what I'm doing not meaningful? It's meaningful to me, but am I really doing anything worthwhile?

Jury's out . . .

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  1. I've experienced the exact same thing. I've posted about it on two occassions: this post references the earlier one.

    And, in my Google Reader account, rather than using starred or shared items, I tag them - shared_education or shared_edtech or shared_secondlife etc - and then each of those tags can be shared as an independent feed. That allows me to share news I'm reading in specific areas or topics ;-) Not to mention the 1000+ tags at ;-)