My Top Ten Episodes of Angel

About a year ago, I wrote about my top ten episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I've been meaning to write about my top ten episodes of Angel as well. You know, it's really wierd, but I think I like Angel better as a series--especially season 5. To me that, from top to bottom, was an incredible season of television. At any rate, I like the character development on Angel much more. We get to see the most vicious of all vampires, Angelus, in all his glory in this series, as opposed to an emasculated wimp in Buffy seasons 1 and 3 (we get to see Angelus in season 2). Now granted, Angel wasn't Angelus in all of this series, but we did get to see him kick some serious rear. With that said, see my top ten after the jump.Here they are (in order by season):

  • In the Dark (season 1): The Gem of Amarra (first referenced in Buffy season 4 episode "The Harsh Light of Day") comes to Los Angeles, and makes any vampire immortal--no really, they can't be killed. The problem, let's just say a vampire with a very, very bad addiction gets a hold of it first.

  • I Will Remember You (season 1): Angel becomes mortal again, and Buffy is at his side. They finally get to be a couple, but it doesn't quite work out. In the end, Angel gets to remember it all, but Buffy doesn't.

  • Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (season 2): A CLASSIC. I watch this one over and over. This is the first appearance of the Hyperion, and a Thesulac Demon, who preys on people's guilt. Best line? "Take them all . . ."

  • The Trial (season 2): Angel shows Darla what she really means to him. Kudos to my old student, Alan Reid, for suggesting this one when I hadn't seen it yet.

  • Reunion (season 2): Darla's granddaughter, Druscilla, becomes her mother, and then they go to a wine tasting. Angel? He shuts the door.

  • Double or Nothing (season 3): Angel saves Gunn from someone collecting on an old IOU.

  • Orpheus (season 4): Angel versus Angelus: the final battle.

  • Smile Time (season 5): Angel the puppet!

  • Not Fade Away (season 5): The series finale. Best lines? "Do you want me to be her? . . . My dear Wesley . . ." and "Me? I've always wanted to fight a dragon."

And finally, my favorite episode of the entire Buffyverse:

  • Destiny (season 5): Spike versus Angel in all their glory. The prize? The Shanshu Prophecy. Best line? "It's Mountain Dew . . ."

So that's it. Now I feel better having gotten that off my chest.