Which blogs do I look forward to reading?

Right now my Google Reader has a total of 132 subscriptions. Some are news sites, some are sports sites, some blogs of family or friends, but mostly they are blogs dealing some way with Educational Technology. Some blogs are ones that post sporadically, others have information that I find tangentially applicable to what I do, and yet others are ones that I just like. But which ones are the one that I look forward to reading? Which ones are the ones that I get giddy as I go through my RSS feeds and get closer to them? Here they are:

HIT: Hokanson's Instructional Technology -- nice mixture of tools, work, and life
LifeHacker -- Just what it says: how to hack life. It's sweet.
Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day -- Cool tools.
Stephen's Web ~ OLD Daily -- Wanna think? Read here.

These are all work-related, but I seriously look forward to reading these every day.


  1. It took less than a week for LifeHacker to make the top 4? Cool.

  2. I enjoy this one a regular basis:

    Humor by Venn Diagram ;-)


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