Teaching Preservice Teachers Online: Pitfalls and Practices

Today was my presentation for the AECT Teacher Education division's WAG (web-based brown bag). They had me present on our efforts to put the preservice teacher technology course online here at Oklahoma State University. Angel Kymes and I taught it the first time together (different sections of the same class), and she and I presented it at last year's AECT conference. So the Teacher Ed division had me do an overview of that presentation and update it so everyone could see what we are doing. It was well received, and the feedback makes me think we're really doing good work here.

Here's a link to the Teacher Education divison's blog, The Playground. You can see Dr. Peter Rich's comments on the presentation there.

You can see my Slideshare presentation (we actually did it using BYU's Adobe Breeze server) after the jump.


  1. Fabulous job! Keep it up. I love looking through your posts and links you enter on this site.

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