I love the smell of books . . .

One of the things that I love the most about Oklahoma State University is our own Edmond Low Library.

Some of the other schools that I've either attended or taught at had old libraries, but none of them was as cool as Edmond Low.  It SMELLS like old books.  As I was thinking about it today, I wondered: What books are you reading (or planning to read)? Here's what I've got going on right now (not counting my daily scripture reading):

Books I'm reading:

Books I'm soon to pick up:

So what about you? I know you must love books, too. What are you reading? What are you going to read? Any suggestions for me?

In the meantime, smell a book and enjoy!


  1. Well, I have a bunch of stuff lined up but none of them are books that smell good, I wish, mainly just stuff like, "the side effects of this drug are..." Good luck getting through all those books, let me know what you think of Twilight, I haven't even tried yet, let me know if it really is worth it. and as for Jesus, the Christ, I tried and failed, I need a dictionary and a thesaurus to get through a sentence in that book.

  2. you like the smell of books?������