What in the Wordle are my research interests?

I was talking to one of our graduate students, Mark Jones, and he showed me a Wordle cloud he made using his dissertation literature review. I thought it was a cool idea, and I thought I'd show you the cloud I made using my dissertation, Can advance organizers reduce computer anxiety in preservice teachers?.

Dissertation Cloud


  1. I think it would be interesting to make a tagcloud with every revision of the dissertation, so that you could see it's form grow and shift over time. I recently finished a program doing something similar with edublog rss feeds, and used animations to make the changes in the tagclouds over time show up. It would be cool to do something similar for showing a document's growth over time.

    Also, sounds like an interesting topic...do you have a link to it?

  2. I am a doctoral student at Pace University's DPS program in Computers in Education. Your Wordle cloud looks like how my mind feels. I am in the process of narrowing down my research topic and feel like I am all over the place. The visual is inspiring and I am going to Wordle my problem statement and preliminary Lit Review.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. No problem, Madalyn! I found doing this an interesting exercise. (And it also made me wonder about the wording of my whole document--are those really the words I wanted to use?

    Oh, well, too late now. As I tell my students, "The only good dissertation is a DONE dissertation."