Once again, I sing the praises of Cammy Bean (Learning Objectives)

I've written plenty of times about how much I admire Cammy Bean's thinking (you must read her Learning Visions blog), but today she helped me out and she didn't even mean to.

So here's to you, Cammy!

You see, I'm preparing materials for my EDTC 5753: Introduction to Instructional Design course, and I've been interviewing people working in different aspects of the Instructional Design field. Earlier today, I interviewed Dr. Jennifer Summerville, an old (not in age) friend and colleague. The problem was, at the exact same time I had scheduled to interview Jen, Will Thalheimer was giving a webinosh about learning objectives. I wanted to attend, but I couldn't.

But Cammy came through. She's posted excellent notes on the whole thing, and it's kept me in the loop and considering I couldn't attend, I still got the information.

As for what was said, I appreciate Will's breakdown of types of objectives and the questions he posed. I thought the questions seemed well thought out and they helped illustrate his points. I must admit I got different answers than some that were given, but I guess that's to be expected.

And if learning objectives are something you're interested in, you should read Cammy's post "My objection to learning objectives" and David Merrill's "Teachers should not waste time writing instructional objectives."


  1. Always glad to be of service, John!

    When you say you got different answers -- do you mean to say that you disagree with the results? Or rather that you were surprised by them?

  2. Maybe a little of both . . .

    But if I disagree, I always do it respectfully!