Where've I been?

This post could go a couple of ways, so I'll do my best.

We've moved to Morehead, Kentucky, and I now teach at Morehead State University in their Educational Technology program.  I've been here six months, but I also taught as an adjunct for them last fall.  I love it here, and the best thing I can say about it is that I forgot what it was like to go to work and be appreciated and have people support you.

So why did I leave Oklahoma State?  Well, it wasn't by choice.  The short answer is I didn't get tenure. Why? Well, that is a complicated question.  Anyone who has worked in higher education knows that tenure is a tricky thing.  Those with it can wield it over those who don't.  Suffice it to say that a certain faculty member told me about four years ago that she would do everything in her power to see that I didn't get tenure.  And she succeeded.  Now, to be fair, there was plenty I could have done differently, but I had met the requirements, and I should have been awarded tenure.  I went through the appeals and everything (I wasn't the only one who appealed that year), and the official answer I was given was, "We see exactly what she is doing and has done, but the tenure committee is sticking to a common narrative.  We're sorry, but there's nothing we can do."  So nevermind the fact that I had documentation that the tenure committee never even looked at my file (only the aforementioned faculty member) and my school head even admitted (I recorded our conversation and presented it as evidence as well) that he didn't look at it, he only read her recommendation, I had to go.  So in reality, here's how I feel about it: I could have done more, yes, but I met (and according to the documents exceeded) the published guidelines.  Yes, I had a tenured faculty member who marked me (for whatever reason--I've asked her repeatedly over the years what I did and asked how to fix it and she would never tell me.  Even during my appeal the University asked what her beef was with me and she refused to answer).  But I am most discouraged by the faculty members who are good people who told me in private they could see what she was doing, they knew about it, they had an opportunity to speak up and stand against, and didn't.  Cowards.  Every last one of them.  

Am I bitter?  I was.  I was really upset. But then I came to this conclusion: If my Heavenly Father needed me to still be in Stillwater at Oklahoma State University, then there is nothing any of them could have done to keep me from being there.  So that must mean that He needed me somewhere else.  I have faith in His plan, so this must be part of it.  And if it is part of it, then I will do no good being bitter or angry.  So yes, I'm disappointed. Yes, it's been hard on my family.  But I'm grateful to have a job in this economy, and not just any job, a better job than the one I had.  I got a raise, and it is a very supportive environment.  Most of all, I guess I feel sorry for her.  How sad and lonely must a person's life be to make it your mission to try and destroy another?  I hope she can get past it one day, but as far as I go, my conscience is clear, and I will let God judge the situation in His perfect way.

So there you have the VERY CONDENSED version.  I'm healthy, the family is healthy, and we're happy.  It took eleven months, but we sold the house in Oklahoma and we were able to buy the house we wanted here in Kentucky.  It hasn't been easy, but I thought often of the story of Abraham and his going to sacrifice Isaac.  Isaac kept asking what they were going to sacrifice, and Abraham kept responding that God would provide.  I didn't know how my story would end, but I knew God would provide for me and my family.  My job was to keep moving towards the top of the mountain and demonstrate faith in Him and His plan.  I hope I passed the test in a way pleasing to Him.

With that said, I'm happy to have my new domain name: dctrcurry.com, and to have it linked directly to the blog here.  I first started blogging when it was cool, and I wrote a lot. It came and it went a couple of times.  But now I just want to write for me.  So there will be random thoughts on anything I'm randomly thinking about: work, politics, pop culture, religion, family, etc.  But they're just my thoughts.  Those who know me personally know I can be pretty opinionated, but most of all, I just enjoy the conversation.

See you online!



  1. This made me tear up a little. Good for you for having such a strong faith to get through such a terrible situation. It is sad that some people can behave in such malicious ways. You were an amazing asset to the OSU family and one I am sure they are now regretting letting go. I only had one class with you and it was during the summer even, but I use the information from that class more than any other. You inspired me to set a goal to eventually get my masters in EdTech! You are an amazing professor and person and Kentucky is lucky to have you! Thanks for being so great and good luck in your new adventure!

    1. Thanks, Jill! I love reading your updates, and I'm glad all is going well for you!

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  3. Happiness is...OSU in your rear-view mirror!

    Go Eagles! *smile*

  4. For what it's worth, OSU is being very aggressive to recruit students from the Texas panahandle and I'm doing all I can to make it very difficult for them. A donor from the area has given them funds to target students in our area and I'm countering with as much as I can--so they come to West Texas A&M University. I ain't giving in to a bunch of Okies (not sorry for offending any Okies.) Dan.

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