AECT wrapup, Podcasting, and more . . .

What a week it was in Dallas. I saw a lot of people, but I'm glad to be back at work this week. I'm worn out! Never mind the fact that Andrew (my youngest--15 months old) slept in 20 minute increments last night. Yech.

I'm enjoying the podcasting thing, but I've got to be honest. I see how people can really overuse it. It can be the new PowerPoint. You know what I mean: "It's so easy that even I do it!" I did a podcast today as a guest lecture for Jennifer Summerville's students at UNC-Wilmington on podcasting in education, and I talked about podcasting and technology for technology's sake. I see a danger here.

A big thanks to Trey Martindale, Anne Leftwich, Chris Essex, Mark Jones, Peter Rich, Drew Polley, Preston Parker and the others who helped with the podcast recording at AECT. We have something like 40 sessions. Oh yeah, and a HUGE thanks to my major professor, David Merrill, for his interview on AECT and the field. Cool stuff.

When I got back and began working on the editing of the audio, I realized that all the files were in .wma format and Garage Band doesn't like that. So after a search, I ran across EasyWMA, a fantastic donate-ware tool that converts .wma to .mp3 slicker than slick. I mean that program was EASY to use, and it does batch conversion!

Overall, I'd say that AECT was beneficial for me personally (I saw some old friends and attended some good sessions--as well as the whole podcasting thing--I'm glad to help and it will look good on the vitae), our grad students (good reviews and next year they'll help with the grad student lounge), and our program at Oklahoma State University (applicants for our position and good visibility).

Biggest highlights that don't have anything to do with the conference? Chipoltle Grill with Bruce Spitzer and the massage therapists on the last day!


  1. Hi Ya Dr. Curry!

    I'm one of Dr. J's students from UNC-W. Thanks for recording the podcast and sharing your thoughts on this blog.

    always thinking,

  2. Great job John! I'm looking forward to listening to some of the sessions I couldn't attend, and I know many other people are as well.

  3. John, you're welcome. I enjoyed talking with you at AECT and helping on the Podcasting. Be sure to send a message when they're available.

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