Back to Blogging?

A couple of things have "kept me from blogging" lately. One is the fact that somehow I've been lucky enough to be the lap dog of some spam czar, and in just the last three weeks this blog has been hit with over 150 spam comment postings. It's killing me just to think about it. But more than that, it's been inherent guilt that I haven't been blogging. But really, should I feel guilty about it? I don't really know. I do know, however, that I have been enjoying many other blogs in the recent months--some that have to do with EdTech and some that don't. But as I've been reading and having my own pangs of guilt, I came across this comment from Brett Shelton over at Rhymes with Purple:
Okay, so this is the blog to apologize for the absence of previous blogs, but that's not what blogging is supposed to be about. It's here for when I need it, and to use it, and it just so happens that I did need it this last semester yet did not take advantage of it. A lesson to myself: do not take this for granted, I know that this helps, and I need to keep leaking the stuff here so that the rest is worthwhile. Okay. Done with self-lecture. I apologize to myself and it's time to move on.

I'm going with Brett on this one. Could I have blogged more? Obviously. Did I? Obviously not. Am I going to beat myself up over it? I'm thinking no. So I'll try to get on it more--again, some on topic with my profession, and some not, but either way, this blog is still called RANDOM MUSINGS of an Instructional Designer . . .

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