I finally pulled the trigger . . .

I've been wanting to change the site for a while now, but I've been hesitating. You know, I put so much work into getting to know Joomla! for the last site that I hated to get rid of it. But the truth is that every time I looked at the site it drove me crazy. And it was stupid stuff like the fact that I hated the theme I had (but I couldn't find one I like and I'm not going to create my own) and I was just too prideful to admit I made a bad technology decision.

But I did make a bad decision. Don't get me wrong--Joomla! is a great tool; I've set up sites for others using it. But what is it we always teach our students? "Never use technology for technology's sake." Me? I had Joomla! set up because I could. Not because I needed it, mind you, but because I could.

Then there was the lack of blogging guilt. But I addressed that in my last post, didn't I?

Anyway, as I tell my students, see you online . . .

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