Addicted to Blogging?

I was going through my Google Reader after class this morning, and I ran across a Bloggers Anonymous post from Doug Johnson at the Blue Skunk Blog. He references a short quiz he found thanks to Jeff Utecht at the Thinking Stick (I hadn't got that far down on my reader). Doug was 55% addicted to blogging; Jeff was 90% addicted. Well, these are guys whose blogs I read, so I know there is no way I'm that addicted.

My results?

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

I'm flabberghasted. If someone actually does read this blog (which I'm not sure happens), they know I don't necessarily update often. What sent me over the edge, though, was the 96 (!?!) blogs whose RSS feeds I subscribe to. Which makes me wonder the same thing as Doug: What am I doing?

He pared his list from 89 to 15. I don't think I can do it.

Yep, I'm addicted.

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