Me in four slides

So a few weeks ago Dan Meyer, who writes dy/dan, held a four slide contest. The purpose was to see if you could represent yourself completely in four slides. Now the problem for me is that I have NO TALENT when it comes to visual representation, but I want my grad students in my online EDTC 5203: Foundations of Educational Technology course to do it as a way of getting to know each other. So, I made mine to serve as an example. I don't know how good they are (actually, I know they're not good), and they would certainly never win any awards, but they do represent me. See them after the jump.

Slide OneSlide Two
Slide ThreeSlide Four

So for what they're worth, that's me! Acutually, for anyone who does know me and actually reads this, I would be interested in your opinion of whether or not you think they represent me accurately or not.

Man, I wish I had some visual talent . . .

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