Don't you just love the smell of books?

OK, so this really isn't about the smell of books, but they do smell good, don't they?

No, but the other day our librarian called me up because the new Cabell's for Educational Technology and Library Media was out. I went to pick it up, and the first thing I did, instinctually, was crack open the book and smell it. Why? Well, I guess the first answer is habit. But I just looked at her and said, "Don't you just love the smell of books? That's why they'll never go away, because you can't smell something on the computer screen." And it's true. There's just something about the way a book smells.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Well, one of my favorite things to do is read all the EdTech blogs. I don't have time to go and find out all that's going on by myself, so I love to read everyone's blog. That's why I initially created my list of EdTech blogs. I look to others to help me know what is going on. And forever people have been asking me what feedreader I use. Well, I didn't use one. Why? Because I just like going to all the websites individually. Yes, I know I can use a feedreader, but I like visiting the pages--just like I like the smell of books. It's hard to get past some things that are comfortable.

But I finallly pulled the trigger. Yep. I decided that if I'm going to keep preaching the gospel of Web 2.0, then I needed to make sure I gave as much of it a chance that I could. So I set up a Google Reader account. It took me forever to get all those blogs and all the other sites I visit put into my account, but I got it done.

HOLY COW. It's fantastic. I love it. My only problem now is deciding whether or not I'm starring too many entries to go back to. But it's a start.


  1. Couple of things about Google Reader; you can add your own tags to any single post. Those tags then have their own feed which you can share out to others. I tag articles all the time and share those feeds out - I mention those here:

    Also, if you're interested, I'll email you my OPML file which can be imported to GReader. I have a large number of journals in addition to blogs and other news feeds ;-)


  2. John,
    I don't believe you've been "invited" to play just yet. So, you've been tagged! See for specific details; reply requested ;-)