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Thoughts listening to Dr. George Strawn CIO of NSF

Oh, man, the guy is hyping Obama. Can we please just get to the presentation?

OK, so I had a HUGE list of comments here, but of course, this is AECT which means GARBAGE for a wireless connection.  When this presentation was over and I went to save, it timed out on me.  Now, the whole presentation it had been saving drafts (or at least looking like it had been), but since I had lost my connection, no drafts saved.  What you see above is what I got.

The good news? You didn't miss anything.  He didn't say anything new or exciting. I'm not sure he knew who his audience really was. I was sitting next to Atsusi Hirumi (2c) and he leaned over to me about 3/4 of the way through and asked, "Has he said anything I don't know?" I responded, "I don't think so." This presentation was eerily similar to a presentation I've seen 2c give many times  when he's recruiting graduate students.

I would have liked to have had his suggested readings, though. I do remember a couple of titles: ROBOT, DISRUPTING CLASS, and PHANTOMS IN (OF?) THE BRAIN? I'm not sure on that last one. But he talked about the Disrupting Class one more than anything.

Was is worth my time? I guess. It was okay for a keynote, but nothing revelatory for me.

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