Podcasting and iTunes U

Thoughts and notes from listening to Ann Barron and Luis Perez from teh University of South Florida.

As always, my thoughts are in italics.

How can we use podcasts to create authentic, engaged learning?


Why doesn’t OSU have something like this?  I know that there has to be enough faculty to merit this.

Can be authenticated through the CMS. Really? That’s cool.

WOW! These guys have ~7000 downloads a WEEK!

Here we go: How to do this:

University Level players:
Provost office (contract), Academic computing (setup), Public relations (design)


Issues: who is the target audience? What would they be interested in? what content do we have? What content can we produce? How will we manage the production and administration? What policies need to be established?

She keeps saying, “this isn’t to be entered into lightly.”  Finally, she followed up with something: “It’s much different to do this than having one faculty member recording podcasts for their class and posting them up.”

iTunes initiatives awards at USF. 27 iPods for writing up an abstract on how they would implement podcasting into instruction—much like the online course creation workshop at OSU.

Dr. Michael Berson—David Bucker might be interested in what this guy does.

Other issues: intellectual property, releases (permission to publish, etc.), how should the podcasts be divided? By department or topics?

I wonder if OSU should have some faculty podcasting group or something like that . . . I need to get from Mark Jones the name of that guy at OSU who is big on podcasting and start swapping information with him.

Right now they are going through a lot of the administrative side of iTunes U, which, you know, almost NO ONE in this room will ever do. So why show it?

Man, it’s HOT in this room. I’m nodding off . . .

Production: script, record, edit, export

If you are doing something to actually add value to the instruction, then you’ll have to take time planning ahead of time.

Longer podcasts need chapters.

Tools: iSquint (free for Mac! Yeah!), videora iPod converter (free for windows), Metadata Hootenanny

Does D2L have a podcasting module? Lee uses D2L, and it sounds like you just have to use raw .mp3 files. That’s horrible.

Look for the Techies podcast Luis does.

Overall impression: Interesting information, but they spent more time talking about the specifics of how to use iTunes rather than how to do the podcasts themselves.

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