Technology Integration Showcase: Strategies and Tools Worthy of Discussion

Thoughts and notes listening to Drew Polly, UNC-Charlotte; Tonya Amankwatia, Lehigh; Clif Mims, Memphis; Lloyd Reiber, UGA

Lamb from GA Southern: making movie trailers in foreign language instruction.

Movie maker? That’s a web 2.0 tool? Cool examples, though.  She has these posted on her high school web page, but she hasn’t given us the URL . . .

Lloyd Reiber UGA: Google Forms, Zamzar

UGA requires a gmail account in their intro class and they use the Google Suite as their standard.

In Google Docs, go to create new form . . . ?

Holy Cow. I can’t wait to use this.  This is incredibly easy.  I can’t wait to use this!  Didn’t I already say that? I don’t know why I’m so surprised. Google’s stuff is so much better than most anything else.  I’ve got to show this to Jesse.  He’s going to flip.  This is so much easier than SharePoint.  Man, this thing even takes the data and throws it right into a spreadsheet! Lloyd also suggest SurveyMonkey, which I know that Jesse has used.

Clif Mims U Memphis: Diigo

Clif uses Diigo in his classes.  How could I do this and make it effective? I need to use the groups better.  I also need to annotate and use tags better.  That’s it. I’m a slacker once again.

Overall impression: YOU'LL NEVER KNOW ALL THE 2.0 TOOLS. I knew MovieMaker (which I don't consider web 2.0), Zamzar, and Diigo, but Google Forms is a revelation.  YIPEE!

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  1. Google Forms is a *very* useful tool; I've used it to survey learners on a number of levels. One of the cooler applications I've tried is Classroom Clickers via Google Forms.